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– with DANA-Technology you will have a serious, reliable, innovative and long strategic partner.
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DANA-Technology ApS is a technologically innovative company focusing on the development of machinery and equipment within FOOD AND PET FOOD INDUSTRY.

Our goal is to contribute to your business’s continued success, if you are small, medium or large, we will make your business valuable.

We believe in personal relations and know that our team of skilled professionals is the key to success and trust, when cooperating with you as a customer.

“Your business is our concern”

When you place an order with us, you become a part of a dedicated company who will strive to make your production and business a success.


DANA-Technology ApS has a high technologically innovative
expertise in Development of new machinery

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DANA-Technology ApS is partnering with
Dansk Stålmontage

And is a Proud Sponsor of
Foreningen Als-Fyn Broen

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We focus on our customer and quality and know when an extra effort is needed. We create job satisfaction and motivation in an innovative environment, with a focus on reaching good solutions.


We work with our customers to meet the current and future market needs. We share knowledge and are aware of opportunities for improvement to create innovative solutions. We are dynamic and innovative and act as catalysts for development of new ideas/concepts or new ways to work – “work smarter not harder”. We have an open and honest dialogue and show respect for each other’s differences.


We respond quickly to market changes and demands. We show drive and interaction in solving requests. We make decisions based on what serves the customer best.


We act skillfully and in a service-oriented manner towards customers. We show respect to colleagues, customers, environment, nationality and culture. We are creative and share ideas to develop our business

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